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Daichi X Bella Echo Litter

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Black & Tan Boy #1 temp name Bridger (purple collar)

Red Boy #2 temp name Carter (blue collar)

What's behind the temporary names? We try to find a theme for each litter and give a temporary name to each puppy using that theme. This litter was born while I and all our dogs were visiting Wyoming for the summer. This litter was whelped in the garage/toy hauler area of our Class C RV parked in Mountain View, Wyoming. Because of that we gave temp names reflective of Wyoming and specifically the local area (Bridger Valley). 6 miles away is Fort Bridger named after frontiersman Jim Bridger. 13 miles away is Carter, named after Judge William Alexander Carter who was a Bridger Valley businessman and at time of his death, the richest man in Wyoming.

Live Puppy Stats

We maintain a daily weights spreadsheet on each litter.  You can view it here.

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