Grand Champion Morningstar-Gaylord No Kinshu Go Sho Mai Sou call name "Kimi"
Kimi go home day from Grants Pass, ORKimi loved to show!Kimi 7months Silverstate Kennel Club BOW 5 pt major Kimi on tableKimi Best of BreedKimi BOS Grand ChampionKimi Grand ChampionKimi - Silverstate Kennel ClubKimi - Silverstake Kennel ClubKimi at NSCA National Speciality Kansas City.Dance - Te'a (Kimi's mother) - Timmy at first Eukanuba Breeders ChallengeKimi's sire Iori AKA Little Illio.Takechiyo Go Sanuki Mizumotoso - This is Kimi's Great Grand Sire on Fathers side. He was the 2008 NIPPO Grand National Winnder in Japan.
Sire to Te'a. CH Kazakoshi No Koryuu Go Yokohama Atsumi. Bred in Japan by Nobuo Atsumi. Whilst Koryuu offsping remain in Nobi's breeding program through his daughters, Koryuu himself resides in the States. Sire of Winners Dog AND Winners Bitch at the prestigous Eukanuba Invitational in Dec 2009.
Kimi's sire, IoriKimi's littermate Lil T at 18 months in Paris, France.Lil T 48 days pregnantKimi's littermate Moscato in Italy.Kimi's littermate Moscato in Italy.MusashiGCH Musashi Go Soushuu Choumonsou. Musashi or Moose appears on both sides of Kimi's pedigree, so we refer to her as a double Musashi .
Puna Hauoli Shiba, she is the mother to Little Ilio, Kimi's Grandmother on the sire side.
CH Kurokoma Go Fuji Hachimansou. This is Grandpa Ilio on the Sires side.
Kono - Kimi's Great Grandmother
CH Morningstar Te'A Chousei Sou, this is Kimi's mother at 1 year. She finished in 3 weekends.
Star-Lord - Kimi Golf litter of 1 due 10/11/21.
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