TNR LLC dba. Shomaisou Shiba Inu
An Accountable, Heritage and Preservation Breeder of Purposefully Bred Purebred Dogs
USDA Licensed Dog Transporter
TNR LLC dba. TNR Dog Transport Services is a USDA licensed dog transporter. If you see a show you need a dog transported to or from or along the route, we will take your job. Transportation is in a fully climate controlled RV with garage. Website coming soon. Contact us if you need rates or more info.

(Interested, Planning or Entered)

Hamilton, OH (Entered)
5/28-29 2022

Hutchinson, KS Mid-States Shiba Club (Interested)
Designated Specialty Saturday, June 11, 2022

WoofStock (Interested)
Vallejo, CA
6/9-12 2022

146th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (Interested - moved)
Lyndhurst Estate in Tarrytown, NY
6/18-22 2022

Canfield, OH (Planning)
8/4-7 2022

Lexington, KY (Planning)
9/1 - 9/5 2022

Columbus, OH - AKC Meet The Breeds (Planning)

Oaks, PA (Interested)
11/19-20 2022

Tallmadge, OH (Interested)
11/26-27 2022

Peach Blossum Cluster - Perry, GA (Entered)
4/13-17 2022

Perry, GA (Entered)
5/12-15 2022

Shows we have entered or are in the planning stage to enter.
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