Jiro III
Jiro was born at our home May 5th, 2018 to our Star-Lord and Kani.. Jiro went to a great home in Chicago and had some initial adjustment issues with the noise and busy environment of apartment life. The new home found a wonderful trainer where he also went to daycare and they were able to redirect his anxiety and he turned into a very social dog at daycare. Most recently the family moved out of the city away from the daycare and they also had a new baby in January. Jiro had issue adjustingl to the change, some anxiety has returned. The family does not trust him alone with the baby. We have decided to rehome him. Jiro needs a home meeting the following criteria:

UPDATE:  Jiro went to his new home 11/12/21 in Michigan
Shomaisou AKC Champion Shiba Inu
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