We are having issues with our streaming video provider, AngelCam.com. The links below are supported by advertising (unless noted as no ads) and occasionally become to busy to use.

If you capture a great screen shot or movie, send them so we can publish.

(Instructions on how to use the camera links)
If you are closely following this litter you can install the Foscam App on your mobile device and let me know to share it to your account. It will be more consistent)


Whelping Area 1 (no puppies)
Cam 15 (UP) (No Ads on this cam)
Cam 17 (DOWN)

Weaning Area 1 (Kimiko Charlie Litter of 1 red female and 1 red male whelped 11/19)
Cam 16 (UP) (No Ads on this cam)
Cam 19 (UP) low res
Cam 22 (external) (DOWN)
*Cam13 (external) (DOWN)

Whelping Area 2 (nopuppies)
Cam 18
Cam 23

Weaning Area 2 (no puppies)
Cam 24
Cam 25

Current Litter(s) Page

We move and replace our cams on occasion.  If your link quits working, check back here for the new link or changes.

Live Puppy Stats

We maintain a daily weights spreadsheet on each litter.  You can view it here.

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Featured Cam of The Day (Down)
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