Current Litters

Guccifer X Bella Delta Litter Facebook Album

Red Boy #1 temp name Damain Musk (purple collar)
Red Boy #2 temp name Saxon Musk (blue collar)
Black/Tan Boy #3 temp name Kai Musk (yellow collar)
Star-Lord X Kimiko Alpha Litter Facebook Album

Red Boy #1 temp name Griffin Musk (green collar)
Red Boy #2 temp name Xavier Musk (orange collar)

Bella Delta and Kimiko Alpha Facebook Album

What's behind the temporary names? We try to find a theme for each litter and give a temporary name to each puppy using that theme. Since the two litters are only a week apart and the unusual occurrence of all boys, I started searching for families of five boys. I stumbled upon Elon Musk and wife Justine who have both twin and triplet boys. He recently acquired a Shiba puppy, so it was perfect.

Live Puppy Stats

We maintain a daily weights spreadsheet on each litter.  You can view it here.

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