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Sho Mai Sou Shiba Inu Blog

Navigation Menu Corruption

by Rex Gaylord on 02/26/21

We had something corrupt the navigation menus in part of our site.  Especially the individual dog pages on Our Dogs page. Some of them display the wrong information and the program on to fix them seems to be down at this time. Some of that information can be found on our legacy site at 

February Newsletter

by Rex Gaylord on 02/17/21

Kuzya X Bella Bravo Litter DNA Results and Coat Color Characteristics

by Rex Gaylord on 01/25/21

When working with sesame lines, determining coat and color characteristics can be a little tricky. For the first time we ordered DNA on all the puppies instead of just the one(s) we will keep. The results came in today and we had a few surprises. The #1 girl that we were expecting to be sesame turned out to be red (ayat, same as her mother). #2 was confirmed as black and tan (atat) carrying the recessive cream gene Ee). #3 boy confirmed to be sesame (awat). #4 boy who we believed to be red or sashige turned out to be red (away). The sesame gene AW is hidden. He may produce a sesame if bred to the correct female.

Interested in digging into the details? Open our January 2021 Newsletter.

Guccifer X Ayumi Charlie Litter X-ray Update

by Rex Gaylord on 01/22/21

An x-ray was taken of Ayumi 1/22/21 and confirmed a singleton puppy. This puppy was due 1/27/21 and born 1/30/21 at 1320 at 276 grams. Here is the Facebook Album for this litter.

Puppy X-ray
Sho Mai Sou Bred with H.E.A.R.T. 2020

Christmas Litter of 4 Born 12/25/2020 (Kuzya X Bella Bravo Litter)

by Rex Gaylord on 12/27/20

Bella Bravo Litter  The Kuzya X Bella Bravo litter was born in the afternoon of 12/25/2020. There were 4 puppies (2 male 2 female). 2 sesames, a black & tan, and a sashige. We are so happy that we met and exceed the goals of this mating (take our breeding program forward with sesame lines) since we have at least 1 male and 1 female sesame to choose from. We have given them temporary Christmas themed names after a bunch of solicited name ideas.

Girl #1 Sesame Joy (purple collar)

Girl #2 Black & Tan Noel (yellow collar)

Boy #3 Sesame Leo (orange collar)

Boy #4 Sashige Bailey (blue collar)

The public Facebook page (do not need facebook account to view) for this litter is:

Pics posted to Facebook page daily there though 12 weeks. 

We measure progress in public online spreadsheet where you can follow.

They are live on 2 cameras.  Cam15 and Cam 17 (better on desktop or laptop computer, but mobile works if you click though the adds).

Track our daily status of each litter - Online Spreadsheet.

Sho Mai Sou Dog Visits

We welcome and enjoy visits to meet our dogs. Do to COVID-19 we have transitioned most of our dogs to our climate-controlled shop. We only accept visits from people on our “Short List” who have completed their background checks. We are looking forward to lifting the restriction post COVID.


Sho Mai Sou Approved Homes  We get a lot of applications each day. More than we can process, so we ask that you only apply for a puppy if you meet the following criteria (questions, email, call or message us):

  1. House with fenced yard (or apartment/townhouse/condo with fenced yard).
  2. Citizen of the United States or Permanent Resident status.
  3. 18 yoa or older.
  4. You are you comfortable with a $2500 - $5000 price range.
  5. We prefer active homes that are involved in AKC/UKC conformation, dog sports such as CAT/Fast CAT, Agility, Obedience, Scent Dog etc. We especially like to see our dogs go into homes that have children who plan or are currently participating in 4H and/or AKC Juniors with their dog(s) and/or have previous experience with Shiba Inu.

You can Apply Here

Ayumi Charlie Litter  Riku X Ayumi Charlie was planned, but the frozen sperm did not arrive. A Guccifer X Ayumi Charlie litter breeding was completed on November 28th. Her due date is January 29, 2021. We will see red and/or black/tan (no cream) puppies from this breeding.

Guccifer X Ayumi Charlie Litter Genetic Forecast

Michi Bravo Litter  Guccifer Michi Bravo Litter breeding was completed in August but was unsuccessful. We will attempt this breeding again in February 2021. This is a co-owned litter that will be born in West Virginia. This is a repeat breeding, the Alpha litter was 3 red girls. This mating can produce red or cream (not sesame or black/tan). Both the sire and dam carry the recessive cream gene, so cream puppies is possible. The album on the Guccifer X Michi Alpha Litter is here.

Guccifer X Michi Bravo Litter Genetic Forecast

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