Shomaisou Shiba Inu Blog

Shomaisou Shiba Inu Blog

Shomaisou Shiba Inu April 2021 Newsletter

by Rex Gaylord on 04/09/21

We are not expecting any new litters at this time.

Shomaisou Shiba Inu March 2021 Newsletter

by Rex Gaylord on 03/18/21

February Newsletter

by Rex Gaylord on 02/17/21

Kuzya X Bella Bravo Litter DNA Results and Coat Color Characteristics

by Rex Gaylord on 01/25/21

When working with sesame lines, determining coat and color characteristics can be a little tricky. For the first time we ordered DNA on all the puppies instead of just the one(s) we will keep. The results came in today and we had a few surprises. The #1 girl that we were expecting to be sesame turned out to be red (ayat, same as her mother). #2 was confirmed as black and tan (atat) carrying the recessive cream gene Ee). #3 boy confirmed to be sesame (awat). #4 boy who we believed to be red or sashige turned out to be red (away). The sesame gene AW is hidden. He may produce a sesame if bred to the correct female.

Interested in digging into the details? Open our January 2021 Newsletter.

Guccifer X Ayumi Charlie Litter X-ray Update

by Rex Gaylord on 01/22/21

An x-ray was taken of Ayumi 1/22/21 and confirmed a singleton puppy. This puppy was due 1/27/21 and born 1/30/21 at 1320 at 276 grams. Here is the Facebook Album for this litter.

Puppy X-ray
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