Sho Mai Sou AKC and Nippo Champion Shiba Inu
            An Accountable, Heritage and Preservation Breeder of Purposefully Bred Purebred Dogs
Retired Sires

"Kitt" "Gaylord's Kitt of Puccini" (Showed, but not used for breeding)

"Gunner" AKC Champion "CH Gaylord's Mighty Mo Gunner CA BCAT"

Retired Dams

"Shake" AKC Champion "CH Gaylord's Shake It Off Sho Mai Sou"

"Kimi" AKC Grand Champion "GCH Morningstar-Gaylord No Kinshu Go Sho Mai Sou"

"Shiho"  "Morningstar Shiho Chousei Sou" (Nippo)

"Kani" "Morningstar Kani Akane's Legacy" (Nippo)

Visiting Sires & Dams or Dogs of Interest

"Redd" AKC Gold Grand Champion "GCHB CH Katai 'N Kobushi Buck Austin Redd" (Nippo)

"Katsumi" AKC Champion "CH Morningstar Katsumi Chousei Sou (Nippo)

Our Current Sires

"Star-Lord" AKC Champion "CH Morningstar Star-Lord Son Of Shishigen Aka Kolo CA" (Nippo)

"Gucci" AKC Champion "CH Gaylord's Guccifer 10.0 Sho Mai Sou CA BCAT" (Nippo)

"Ace" ACK Champion "CH Gaylord's Aka Baron Ace CAA  AOM"

Our Current Dams

"Ayumi" "Gaylord's Ayumi Walk This Way"

"Michi" "Gaylord's Michi BB Shomaisou"

"Bella" "Gaylord’s Bella Redd Dancer Sho Mai Sou"

"Kimiko" AKA "Mini T" "Gaylord’s No Kimiko Go Sho Mai Sou"
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