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Good Dog Partnership with HODSF on Shiba Inu Glaucoma Genetic Study

by Rex Gaylord on 04/19/21

The Heart of Dixie Shiba Fanciers joins Good Dog as an official Club Partner in the Good Dog Club Partnership Program. See the Press Release.


  1. Fundraising - What is the "Shiba Inu Glaucoma Genetic Study" and how can I help?
  2. Sample Submissions - The study needs blood and eye exams for the study. An overview of the study can be found on the PennVet lab website under the "Glaucoma Study" tab.
  3. How long will the study last? The goal is to get most of the dogs enrolled in the study in the next 12-24 months.


Shomaisou Shiba Inu April 2021 Newsletter

by Rex Gaylord on 04/09/21

We are not expecting any new litters at this time. Four (4) litters are being planned Spring/Summer 2021.

Kimiko Alpha Litter - We have completed the health clearances on Kimiko. We are evaluating sires for her Alpha Litter. She came in season 4/29/21 so we will likely breed her mid May, litter due mid July.

Bella Charlie Litter - We expect to breed Bella to Guccifer

She came in season 4/29/21 so we will likely breed her mid May, litter due mid July.


Michi Bravo Litter - On 4/8/21Guccifer X Michi Bravo Litter was confirmed with an x-ray as unsuccessful. Michi is projected to come in season again July 4th. We are evaluating outside sires for her Bravo Litter.


Aki Alpha Litter - Clearances for Aki will be completed in May. She came in season April 17th so we will have to wait until her next season to breed, projected as middle of October 2021 with litter approximately New Years. We are evaluating sires for her Alpha Litter.

Shomaisou Shiba Inu March 2021 Newsletter

by Rex Gaylord on 03/18/21

February Newsletter

by Rex Gaylord on 02/17/21

Kuzya X Bella Bravo Litter DNA Results and Coat Color Characteristics

by Rex Gaylord on 01/25/21

When working with sesame lines, determining coat and color characteristics can be a little tricky. For the first time we ordered DNA on all the puppies instead of just the one(s) we will keep. The results came in today and we had a few surprises. The #1 girl that we were expecting to be sesame turned out to be red (ayat, same as her mother). #2 was confirmed as black and tan (atat) carrying the recessive cream gene Ee). #3 boy confirmed to be sesame (awat). #4 boy who we believed to be red or sashige turned out to be red (away). The sesame gene AW is hidden. He may produce a sesame if bred to the correct female.

Interested in digging into the details? Open our January 2021 Newsletter.

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