September 2020 : Sho Mai Sou Shiba Inu Blog

September 2020

by Rex Gaylord on 09/07/20

We have completed the Guccifer X Michi breeding and the expected whelp date is October 30, 2020. The projected go home date is between 1/8/2021 and 1/22/2021.

Thank you for your interest in our dogs. Please review our FAQ, it should be of interest to you. Our breeding plans are in our FAQ and current Newsletter.


We receive an average of 10 applications a day since COVID-19, which are more applications than we can review and process. Because of that we ask that you only apply if you meet the minimum requirements.

  1. House with fenced yard (or apartment/townhouse/condo with fenced yard).
  2. Citizen of the United States or Permanent Resident status.
  3. 18 yoa or older.
  4. You are you comfortable with a $2500 - $5000 price range.
  5. We prefer active homes that are involved in AKC/UKC conformation, dog sports such as CAT/Fast CAT, Agility, Obedience, Scent Dog etc. We especially like to see our dogs go into homes that have children who plan or are currently participating in 4H and or AKC Juniors with their dog(s).


We are behind in processing new applications, but if you are still interested in our program you will need to put in your application to get on our waiting list at

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