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Fall/Winter 2020 Breeding Plans Update 11/29/2020

by Rex Gaylord on 11/29/20

Sho Mai Sou Dog Visits

We welcome and enjoy visits to meet our dogs. Do to COVID-19 we have transitioned most of our dogs to our climate-controlled shop. We only accept visits from people on our “Short List.” We are looking forward to lifting the restriction.


Sho Mai Sou Approved Homes  We get a lot of applications each day. More than we can process, so we ask that you only apply for a puppy if you meet the following criteria (questions, email, call or message us):

  1. House with fenced yard (or apartment/townhouse/condo with fenced yard).
  2. Citizen of the United States or Permanent Resident status.
  3. 18 yoa or older.
  4. You are you comfortable with a $2500 - $5000 price range.
  5. We prefer active homes that are involved in AKC/UKC conformation, dog sports such as CAT/Fast CAT, Agility, Obedience, Scent Dog etc. We especially like to see our dogs go into homes that have children who plan or are currently participating in 4H and/or AKC Juniors with their dog(s) and/or have previous experience with Shiba Inu.

You can Apply Here

Bella Bravo Litter  – A Kuzya X Bella Bravo litter is expected 12/27/2020. Ultrasound reveled at least 4 puppies on 12/18/2020. She was bred to sire outside of our kennels (Georgia) name Kuzya. Sesame red and black/tan (no cream) puppies are expected. You can see more of Kuzya on our outside sesame sires page at:

·       http://shibas.dog/External_Sesame_Sires.html

·       Kuzya X Bella Bravo Litter Genetic Forecast


Ayumi Charlie Litter  – A Riku X Ayumi Charlie was planned, but the frozen sperm did not arrive on time. A Guccifer X Ayumi Charlie litter breeding was completed on November 28th. Her due date is January 29, 2021. We will see red and/or black/tan (no cream) puppies from this breeding.

·       Guccifer X Ayumi Charlie Litter Genetic Forecast

Michi Bravo Litter  – A Guccifer X Michi Bravo Litter breeding was completed in August but was unsuccessful. We will attempt this breeding again in February 2021. This is a co-owned litter that will be born in West Virginia. This is a repeat breeding, the Alpha litter was 3 red girls. This mating can produce red or cream (not sesame or black/tan). Both the sire and dam carry the recessive cream gene, so risk of cream puppies is also a possibility. The album on the Guccifer X Michi Alpha Litter is here:

·       Guccifer X Michi Bravo Litter Genetic Forecast

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