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Shomaisou Shiba Inu September 2021 Newsletter

by Rex Gaylord on 09/08/21

Jiro a 3 year old neutered male to be re-homed.

Bella Charlie Litter   - The Guccifer X Bella Charlie Litter homes selected


Michi Bravo Litter   - Michi was bred to Guccifer for her Bravo Litter. 


Kimi Gulf Litter   - Kimi was bred to Star-Lord. The due date is October 11th.


Aki Alpha Litter  - Aki planned to be bred to Kuzya October 2021.


Kimiko Alpha Litter - A Kimiko planned breeding to Mecho if he is mature enough and his health clearances are complete.


Bella Delta Litter   - We are planning a repeat of Guccifer X Bella Delta Litter.

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